Towards a Black Sea Renewable Energy Coalition Strategic Partnership for Energy and Climate Security

Location: Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria


Room: Sofia Conference Hall
Date: 13.06.2023.
Time: 10:30 - 13:30

The Black Sea Renewable Energy Coalition (BSREC) is established as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration of organizations devoted to environmental protection at sea as well as deployment of zero-carbon marine renewable energy and infrastructure in nature-friendly way.
Regional strategic stakeholders are invited to elaborate and sign a Memorandum of Understanding laying down the main principles and objectives of the Coalition. In addition to connecting
strategically important partners, the BSREC serves as a knowledge repository, policy advocacy, and outreach instrument. It aims at debunking disinformation myths about offshore wind technologies and enhance the stakeholder engagement from the very beginning of project design and development. By promoting policy co-creation with the most relevant stakeholders for offshore energy, the BSREC will increase the social acceptance of novel renewable energy technologies.

In the aftermath of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, it is imperative that European countries embark on a new energy policy pathway towards independence from fossil fuel imports. Unlocking the full potential of the European seas for offshore wind energy would play a key role in achieving the EU’s energy and climate security targets in the coming decades until 2050. Bulgaria is the only littoral EU member state yet to begin developing this sector.
Offshore wind energy has emerged as a crucial global strategic priority, and the European Union’s marine renewable energy targets for 2023 demand immediate action. The existing markets in the North and Baltic Seas alone cannot meet these ambitious goals. Recognizing this urgent need, visionary industry leaders and policymakers in the Black Sea region have taken the initiative to unlock the vast potential of low-carbon energy in their respective marine territories.
The Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), in collaboration with the Energy Policy Group (EPG) from Romania, the Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association (DURED), and the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA), launched the Black Sea Renewable Energy Coalition (BSREC) – а dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration in the deployment of zero-carbon marine renewable energy and infrastructure in a nature-friendly way.

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Organizing Committee

  • Lilyana Pavlova
  • Cristina Simioli
  • Ana-Maria Seman
  • Assoc. Prof.Nikolay Valchev
  • George Visan
  • Liviu Gavrila
  • Veli Bilgihan Yaşacan